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The Charity IT Association (CITA) introduces charities looking to improve their technology capabilities to volunteers with appropriate IT skills and experience.

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Our vision is a world in which charities can harness the full potential of technology to increase their impact for good.

We help to achieve this by providing charities with access to affordable, trustworthy and independent technology services to allow them to achieve their own strategic mission.

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CITA is funded through the generosity of our partners and individual donors, and by asking charities that we support to contribute towards our administration costs, where they are able.

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We engage with all our stakeholders through the CITA Community, keeping everybody up to date with what is happening, what’s new, and how each member can help each other.

The CITA Community

CITA Services

CITA provides a range of services to help charities overcome the challenges that using and managing IT can bring:

CITA Review Services

Independent advice on effective IT: Your CITA volunteer will help you identify and qualify potential IT projects and initiatives that will support your charity’s strategic and operational objectives.

CITA Review Services

CITA Advisory Services

IT project management support and advice: Your CITA volunteer will help you to define, plan and manage an identified IT project from scoping to completion. The volunteer can offer advice on procurement and help to draft an RFP for services to ensure all bases are covered.

CITA Advisory Services

CITA Delivery Services

The right skills for a successful IT project delivery: Once you have defined and planned your IT project, your CITA volunteer will provide the technical skills needed to complete the project. The project can be managed by your charity or another CITA volunteer under your direction.

CITA Delivery Services
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