CITA Review Services

Independent advice on effective IT: Your CITA volunteer will help you to identify and qualify potential IT projects and initiatives that will support your charity’s strategic and operational objectives.

CITA Review is an independent professional review of a charity’s IT capability, undertaken by a qualified volunteer introduced by CITA.

CITA will match you with an experienced IT professional who will undertake a two-hour workshop which will look at the aims, ambitions, challenges and needs of your charity and how Information Technology (IT) can help.

If you don’t know where to start with IT and how it can help your charity, if you have some idea, or think you know exactly what you want, a CITA Review will help to steer you in the right direction.

Services Brochure

COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT: To support our charities in these unprecedented times, and help them move online to deliver their services and charitable aims, we are making the CITA Review (Tech Surgery) FREE to every charity.

Please note that a charity must register with CITA before any services can be requested. Registration is free of charge.