CITA announces 3 new partnerships – 11/05/2020

During the last year CITA has been developing a Corporate Partnership programme to support our aim to help charities harness the full potential of technology. The model aims to provide a source of income to cover administration costs for smaller charities, to attract additional technically capable volunteers and to identify complementary services and solutions that can benefit our Charity members.

We are pleased to announce the first of our Corporate Partnerships with Intuitus, 4D Data Centres and New Dawn Risk.

These organisations share a passion for supporting charities and will work with CITA in a number of ways. Details of these relationships and contact information is available on the CITA website.


Intuitus is the leading provider of independent, expert technology and digital advice to the European private equity sector and mid-market companies. They have invited their highly skilled and experienced staff and over one hundred associates to register as volunteers to work with CITA registered charities.

You can find out more about Intuitus at:


4D Data Centres is a UK-based colocation provider with facilities in Gatwick, Surrey and Kent. As well as colocation, they provide ultra-fast connectivity, business focused cloud and cyber solutions to organisations around the world.

In their partnerships with CITA, 4D offers two quarter racks, one half rack and a full rack of colocation space for CITA registered charities within their data centre infrastructure to help charities build more resilient and reliable IT systems. The offer is at a heavily reduced rate, with charities only paying for the power they use. 4D also offer public cloud resources dedicated to charities, completely free of charge.

You can find out more about 4D at:

New Dawn Risk is an independent Lloyd’s insurance broker providing services both domestically and internationally. Their specialist UK cyber practice is offering expert cyber insurance advice to our registered charities. Cyber insurance complements IT security already in place by mitigating the post incident ramifications through providing an immediate response to cyber breaches (IT forensics, credit monitoring, legal advice, PR advice), as well as indemnity for the longer-term financial implications of a cyber event.

Charities that are registered with CITA will be able to access contact details on the Resources section of the members website.

Please Note:

CITA’s Corporate Partners may offer services, sometimes subsidised, for CITA members that could be of interest to our you. CITA does not endorse, warrant or recommend these services and is not party to any form of agreement to use them. Charities are strongly advised to follow their standard procurement procedures should they enter an agreement for the services.

To find out more about how CITA helps UK Charities please visit: