CITA’s Board of Trustees appoint a Chief Executive Officer and embarks on transformation and change – 14/09/2020

CITA’s Board of Trustees is thrilled to announce the appointment of their new CEO, Mr David Grocott. David is an experienced COO with a background in corporate and SME organisations. He specialises in delivering structured transformation and improvement.  

Andy Simpson, CITA Vice-Chair said: “This development signifies the intent of CITA to move forward and commit to the continuous improvement of our service offering for the CITA community. All the Trustees are excited to be working with David and we look forward to positive development.”

David Grocott, CITA CEO said: “I am truly delighted to be joining the team at CITA. The organisation has already delivered some fantastic results within the charitable sector, supporting other good causes with technology solutions in a fast-changing world. The ambition and passion of the Trustees to evolve the charity to deliver even more pragmatic and far-reaching support engaged me immediately. The future of CITA is an exciting one, and as we move forward, the support and services we offer will make a massive difference to those charities we help to make our communities and society a better place for all.”

This appointment coincides with CITA’s revision of its strategic roadmap and service offering to its widespread membership of 700+ national volunteers and registered UK charities.  

Andy Simpson added: “Recent world events have highlighted the requirement to baseline CITA’s identity, and our new CEO will work closely alongside industry partners, CITA’s community members and charities, to drive CITA’s commitment forwards.”

CITA to enter a hiatus period and suspend referrals from September until November 2020 

As CITA invests time and resources into the development of a new strategic roadmap, the Board of Trustees has decided to put all new engagement referrals on hold. This tough decision means that no mainstream referrals will be accepted between September and November 2020.  

Should your organisation wish to discover partnership opportunities available with CITA, then please email your enquiry to [email protected]. These are exciting times for CITA and the future looks bright.