FAQs for Partners and Supporters

The cost will depend on a number of factors: the type of Partnership programme that you engage in; the number of charity assignments you wish to support; the detail and frequency of information you require from CITA; and the benevolence of your organisation!

The partnership fee covers the costs CITA has in terms of administering the assignment process by matching volunteers with charities; ensuring that the assignment proceeds smoothly and that feedback is received at conclusion. These funds mean that more charities can receive nil cost, rather than low cost, IT support.

These assignments may be undertaken by your staff, if you are part of the CSR Partnership Scheme, or by independent IT professionals that are part of the CITA volunteer group. The work undertaken on behalf of charities by all CITA volunteers is pro bono.

The CSR Partnership Scheme allows the organisation to signal financial support for employee volunteering, and CITA will provide you with an annual summary of your assignments to support your CSR reporting needs.

Yes, they can compete, but more frequently CITA volunteers are providing services that the charity would otherwise not undertake. CITA volunteers most often advise on change projects – they rarely substitute for the provision of commercial services.

Once on-board, there is no administration requirement on your side. CITA will provide periodic reports and send you invoices in relation to volunteer projects started. We might nudge you with an employee communication suggestion from time to time, but that’s at your discretion.

Included in the CSR Partnership Scheme fee is an element by which CITA recovers its administration costs of managing the agreed number of assignments, and the costs of managing the partner relationship. Where you exceed the number of assignments agreed, an additional fee is applied to recover the incremental administration costs.

There are many ways that you can help to promote CITA – from referring charities to our website, through to promoting our services in your office, on your website or at your events, and running workshops where a CITA representative presents to your audience. Please contact us to discuss how we can offer each other mutual support.

If you are a registered charity – yes. Find out how to register as a CITA charity and to understand how we can help.