CITA makes it easy for charities to get the IT advice and support that they need and can afford to meet their charitable aims.

CITA has worked with over 790 charities, delivering a value of consultancy services of over £2,400,000.

CITA allows charities to access technology expertise easily and cost effectively. Whilst a small charge is applied to those charities able to afford it, using CITA avoids costly consultancy charges.

79% of the charities we work with have no dedicated IT resource (staff or volunteers).

CITA has worked with charities that have needed help with matters such as advice on cloud migration, GDPR or Office 365, through to delivering or project managing major integration projects. CITA is committed to ensuring that the services it provides make a positive impact on the charities.

97% of charities who have implemented changes found the service ‘useful’ or ‘very useful’; 94% were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the service received; and, 97% of charities would recommend CITA to others.

CITA provides a broad range of technology support to charities through a network of independent and trustworthy professional IT volunteers, who provide their time, knowledge, skills and experience completely free of charge.

88% of volunteers are willing to participate further with CITA and 45% of volunteers have participated in more than one volunteering activity in the past year.

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