Social Impact: How CITA helps Charities use IT better

CITA tries to measure whether we are meeting our aim of building a world in which charities can harness the full potential of technology to increase their impact for good by by providing charities with access to affordable and trustworthy, independent technology services in order to allow them to achieve their own strategic mission.

To do so, we have identified 5 areas and 10 Key Performance Indicators that allow us to measure our success against this Mission:

  1. We measure the total number of charities that we have engaged with, recognising that with over 160,000 registered charities in the UK alone, we have a long journey to ensure that all of them are using the full potential of technology. We also need to ensure that those charities that we work with are the ones with limited IT resources, because it is here that we can make the biggest impact:
    • To 31st December 2020, CITA has worked with 794 charities across the UK.
    • To 31st December 2020, 79% of charities engaged had no dedicated IT resource and 97 % had less than 2 dedicated IT staff members.
  2. We measure how much time has been given up by our volunteers to support charities in terms of person-hours, either face-to-face or remotely:
    • To 31st December 2020, CITA volunteers have provided approximately 2,327 days of free IT consultancy, support or work to support charities.
  3. We measure the value of what is delivered to charities in terms of the opportunity cost of having to buy in an external IT expert to fulfil the tasks undertaken by CITA volunteers:
    • The average value to each charity, per assignment in 2020 was £2,375.
    • To 31st December 2020, the estimated value of services delivered by CITA volunteers was £2,461,125.
  4. We measure the effectiveness of all assignments undertaken by CITA volunteers:
    • To 31st December 2020, 97% of all assignments undertaken by CITA volunteers were judged to be either useful or very useful.
    • 95% of all recommendations from CITA volunteer assignments have been implemented by the charity concerned.
    • 100% of all charities that have implemented recommendations made by CITA volunteers have found that the changes have improved the charity’s ability to deliver its chosen services.
  5. We measure the trust and satisfaction that charities and volunteers have in CITA:
    • To 31st December 2020, 97% of all charities that have used services through CITA would recommend CITA to others.
    • To 31st December 2020, 88% of all CITA volunteers would participate in further assignments.

In Summary:

KPI At 31st December 2020 At 31st December 2019
# charities worked with 797 727
% charities with < 2 IT resources 97% 100%
# days free consultancy 2,327 2,203
Average value per assignment £2,375 £3,302
Total value of services delivered £2,461,125 £2,203,000
% assignments useful or very useful 97% 95%
% take up of recommendations 95% 65%
% recommendations useful or very useful 100% 100%
% charities that would recommend CITA to others 97% 87%
% volunteers that would participate further 88% 98%
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