Project Description

Family Counselling Trust (FCT)

Family Counselling Trust

“Stephen picked up other items in our systems that we would not have thought about and made recommendations as he went along, all contributing to a much tighter, more professional set-up.”

Family Counselling Trust (FCT) is a registered mental health charity providing key early intervention counselling support to children, young people (up to age 18) and their families. FCT raises funds to enable parents on stretched incomes to access help for their children, with the charity subsidising the cost of the therapy. FCT offers children and young people an early opportunity to be supported by a qualified psychological therapist, in what is an holistic service involving the families.

The vision of the Family Counselling Trust (FCT) is to continue to grow its services so that appropriate counselling is made available at an early stage to every family with a child or adolescent who is experiencing challenging mental health issues.

How did CITA help?

Through the CITA Review, volunteer Stephen identified that the charity needed:

  • A securely encrypted email set up to handle confidential personal information between the charity’s users, volunteers and officers.
  • With immediate effect, the creation of up to 20 email users/addresses. This will likely increase to perhaps 40 addresses within one year.
  • The ability of the staff/trustees/volunteers to open/save information to a common secure database or file storage area.

With changing government legislation and codes of practice it was urgent for the organisation to have more confidential and secure emails in place.

Following the Review, Family Counselling Trust implemented Stephen’s recommendations which are now compliant with new legislation and codes of practice. They migrated their email system over to 365 and were able to access special charity rates for this. They are now looking to set up a cloud-based database system to allow workers in different geographical areas to access the same information concurrently.

What difference did CITA make?

Family Counselling Trust now has a more professional email system with more scope to develop other features likes the database. Implementing the recommendations also checked the status of other IT items and allowed these to be updated, where necessary.

“Stephen, our CITA volunteer, has made a huge difference to our charity. He was incredibly thorough in his IT recommendations and their implementation. Not only was the new email system implementation quick, but Stephen remained calmly in the background as we all got used to the new set-up. Nothing fazed him. The new system itself is much better and a more professional way of working. Thank you very much!”