Project Description

Islington Giving

Islington Giving

“Russ was able to offer workable solutions to our issues that didn’t feel overly complicated or expensive. He listened and didn’t make any assumptions.”

Islington Giving is an independent group of funders, businesses, residents and voluntary organisations working together to tackle poverty and inequality in Islington.

How did CITA help?

From discussions with Russ, the CITA volunteer, it was evident that the majority of issues stemmed from the significant manual work involved in maintaining and operating the various systems, as well as their age and effectiveness in aligning to how the charity needs to operate.

To help the charity assess the various issues, Russ produced a clear diagram of the various operations and advised approaching existing suppliers to find out if any upgrades were already in the pipeline which could improve efficiency whilst also outlining alternative cloud based options. Additionally, Russ recommended further guidance on improving capabilities with social media to get the most from these tools, with the least manual intervention

“Russ was able to offer workable solutions to our issues, that didn’t feel overly complicated or expensive. He listened to our issues and didn’t make any assumptions. It was a pleasure to speak with Russ, and I feel more confident going forward that we will be able to improve our IT and processes.”

What difference did CITA make?

Islington Giving used the results of the CITA Review to undertake a larger review of processes. Russ’s input enabled them to step back and take an objective view of what they had in place and how best to move forward. Since then they have moved to a cloud based, fundraising database, and have also reviewed job roles to create a better flow of work.

“The Tech Surgery (CITA Review) helped us to focus on what we needed to do, and to make a decision. We’d spent far too long thinking and talking about what we could do, but Russ’ work helped us to move forward. We now have a slick work flow, and a database that works. We’ve saved time, and money. Thank you.”