Project Description

Nottingham Women’s Centre

Nottingham Women's Centre

“Using the Review as an information gathering/auditing tool has enabled us to make decisions and identify priorities for action and how to achieve them.”

Nottingham Women’s Centre’s vision is a world where women take their rightful place in a just and fair society, free from inequality, violence and oppression. Their mission is to enable women in Nottinghamshire to reach their full potential, have their voices heard and overcome barriers to creating a better future for themselves.

Nottingham Women’s Centre is run by women for women. They aim to help women to achieve their potential, become stronger and more independent, and they provide a safe and supportive environment in which women can do this. They give women a voice to better inform and influence the local and national.

How did CITA help?

Nottingham Women’s Centre have an IT system that had been developed over several years by one company. Through the ‘Tech Surgery’ (CITA Review) volunteer Carl provided guidance on 5 primary areas:

  • VPN connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Coverage – Connections
  • Microsoft Office – next steps
  • Data Backups
  • Costs

What difference did CITA make?

Following the report, Nottingham Women’s Centre implemented the recommendations to improve the security of their network and carry out an upgrade. They also used the audit document to support a funding bid to upgrade their server.

“IT review and strategy is something that always slips down the to-do list. Arranging to look at it with an expert was a great use of my time and gave me concrete actions, as well as reducing my anxiety about an issue I knew little about. This free impartial advice was a great resource for our charity.”