Service Provision Management Volunteer required at CITA – 18/06/2020

An opportunity to make a difference to charities using your IT skills and network

The goal: to execute a process transformation project to bring greater efficiency to the service provision area and improve the charity and volunteer experience.

To include:

  • Recruitment and onboarding of volunteers
  • Signup and engagement requests from charities
  • Volunteer selection process
  • Engagement delivery process

The ideal candidate will have the ability to execute a transformation plan. They will need to roll up sleeves and execute a list of actions, but also step back and challenge anything that doesn’t make sense and recommend amendments and changes as applicable.

They will work closely with our admin team member to evaluate changes and ensure all new initiatives and improvements are embedded and working.

Personal specification:

Combination of change management experience, project management experience, process management, Visio, understanding of the platforms we use, understanding of voluntary sector

Minimum of 4 – 6 days per month commitment for 3 months. Potential for ongoing additional project support if desired or treat as a finite project.

More about CITA

CITA was launched in January 2016 as a service for small and medium sized charities who needed help with their use of IT. The core service provided by CITA is to help charities find volunteers with the right skills to support their IT needs.

CITA offers three specific services using these volunteers:

  • CITA Review Services – a high level strategic review of a charity’s use of IT which will recommend the best way for that charity to use IT and outline the projects that may be necessary to achieve this.
  • CITA Advisory Services – providing free project management support for those projects that the charity wishes to act on.
  • CITA Delivery Services – providing free skilled resources to deliver the project.

The trustees each take some direct responsibility for the management of CITA. The specific areas of responsibility are:

  • Finance
  • Service Provision
  • Marketing and PR
  • Finance
  • Risk & Governance
  • IT

The Board Chair has a role co-ordinating these management activities. CITA currently has one paid, part-time employee and the services of several senior IT professionals providing management support to CITA (management volunteers).

The Trustee and Volunteer Management Board meets every 6 – 8 weeks, either online or at a location near the Barbican in the City of London, and each board member is expected to continue in the assigned management role between meetings.

This is not a full-time commitment but applicants should be aware that this role will consume more time than simply attending board meetings. As a committee lead you should be prepared to devote somewhere around 4 – 6 days per month to moving the service forward.

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to [email protected] by Monday 10 August 2020.