The charity IT association helped us navigate the tricky landscape of a cloud-based document storage and sharing solution. Thanks to our volunteer’s input, we were able to streamline our staff’s use of IT, safeguard our data and launch the Microsoft 365 platform. This has been particularly invaluable as Covid struck – enabling our teams to stay working and communicating remotely, in real time. Huge thanks to Matthew and CITA.

Head of Operations, Little Village

Our CITA volunteer was friendly and helped us outline exactly what we needed. He also supported us in identifying some suitable next steps, which helped us arrive at our solution. We will definitely contact CITA next time we need IT support, the process was quick and easy, and the advice we received was of great value. Thank you CITA!

Operations Manager, Dose of Nature

It was good to get advice via a phone conversation. Our CITA volunteer had experience in the right areas and had sensible suggestions for our organisation.

Having objective expert analysis of the IT challenges and opportunities for a small charity was invaluable; it is an essential part of our planning for sustainability and growth but we do not currently have the expertise / manpower inside the organisation. The report was clear and concise and has clarified areas on which to focus within the short and long term strategy.

Founding Director, Include

Our CITA volunteer’s advice has been invaluable in helping us come to a decision about a new IT system. We very much appreciated his generosity with his time and expertise and his patience in explaining everything so clearly.

Our volunteer has been totally wonderful and really gone the extra mile to help Wheelchair World, rebuilding our website and setting it up so that it updates properly rather than losing functionality every time there is an update. It has been a real pleasure to work with him.

Our CITA volunteer’s expertise that we accessed through the Review (Tech Surgery) has helped us understand the issues with our existing structure, implement some quick fixes and has informed our plans to make our IT infrastructure fit for purpose.

Impact Director, Lancashire Women

CITA has helped our charity gain a deeper understanding of our current use of IT allowing us to see how we might make better use of IT to serve our beneficiaries more effectively. This was just the first step for us as we intend to use CITA for further support and guidance. The volunteer we were paired with was incredibly helpful and took the time to ensure we understood his conclusions and recommendations.

Project & Operations Manager, Doncaster Alcohol Services

CITA offers a lifeline to tiny charities like ours. We rely on the goodwill of volunteers to punch way above our weight. Our IT projects would have remained wishful thinking without CITA; through CITA’s quality volunteers we have been able to refine and improve usability for thousands of women and families who use our services.

Young Actors Theatre
“Our consultant helped us to source and install a new CRM system that is fit for purpose. He also oversaw the data migration. This whole project was a huge undertaking and was only possible thanks to Jon’s generosity and the support of CITA.”
Development Manager, Young Actors Theatre Islington
Policy Centre for African Peoples
“We are extremely grateful to Richard and CITA for the outstanding help we have received. The new website exceeded our expectations, and we are truly delighted. We wholeheartedly recommend Richard’s services to other people and organisations, and we cannot thank CITA enough for kindly putting us in touch with him.”
Director, Policy Centre for African Peoples
Citizens Advice New Forest

“Getting people to do things in a different way is a key challenge and our volunteer helped us to break down the tasks into doable projects which, with his guidance, we have found the confidence to implement. We have moved to a cloud based platform which enables us to work in a more flexible way, and now we can deliver advice in more outreach locations.”

Chief Executive Officer, Citizens Advice New Forest
Citizens Advice Flintshire
“We used the project to set up a new CRM database. Our consultant sourced a suitable package and walked us through the implementation process. As a result, we’ve saved money on the software purchase and training up front and we’ll have future savings because there are no recurring licence fees.”
Marketing, Communications & Fundraising Manager, Citizens Advice Flintshire
Advice Services Alliance

“This is our first tech surgery and we found the IT support around WordPress for our two websites very informative and user friendly especially as the ASA team were novices. A great service and one we plan to carry on using.”

Quality Manager, Advice Services Alliance

“Very helpful advice, great to talk through and receive a report on options available.”

Trust Manager, Cornwall Refuge Trust
Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS)

“We required fast advice and support to establish our organisational intranet facility. Upon gaining the advise we were able to set up the intranet with very useful features for members, within a couple of weeks from placing the Volunteer ad to learning how to format the resource. This allows us to simply add our contents, e.g. using Sharepoint, along with other useful MS facilities.”

Operations Manager, Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS)
BDA Benevolent Fund

“Having the support of the IT consultant was invaluable, especially working in a very small charity with no IT ‘expertise’. He was flexible but reliable and was a pleasure to work with.”

General Manager, Against All Odds Still Standing (AOS)
Artbox London

“Working with Steve on our move to Google Suite was fantastically helpful – his advice and practical support made the process pain-free and he was always available to follow up any queries we had.”

Co-Director, Artbox London
Herts Inclusive
“The Tech Surgery was brilliant. Geraint and the team from Computer Wizard were friendly, efficient and very helpful. As a small team we don’t always have the resources or time to manage IT problems, so the Tech Surgery is invaluable for this. They gave us advice and ideas to help us in the future as well.”
Administrator, Herts Inclusive
“The guidance that I was offered was incredibly insightful and accessible. I am now able to implement organisational change gradually as a result so very useful overall!”
Team Assistant, AfriKids
Ben Uri

“John was wonderful. He was extremely helpful and provided fantastic support for our project. He gave up much of his personal time to help us and we are very grateful for his time and commitment. He was absolutely brilliant.“

Chair, Ben Uri
Support Dogs

“We received prompt, relevant and hugely useful support from our consultant.”

Fundraising Manager, Support Dogs
Family Counselling Trust
“Informative and helpful assistance to our charity with ongoing input to make sure we followed it up correctly! Much appreciated to have such excellent impartial advice!”
Volunteer IT Assistant, Family Counselling Trust
Jigsaw Thornbury

“We have used CITA on a couple of occasions and it is an excellent service for small charities like ours. Jon was fantastic when we were implementing Office 365 and we feel we are now set up well for now and the future. Richard has given us advice on CRM systems, but due to capacity we haven’t yet been able to follow his recommendations. However we will be in the near future.”

CEO, Jigsaw Thornbury
The Portland Trust
“John immediately understood our requirements and frustrations which enabled us to focus on a plan of action to move forward. We were very appreciate of his time, knowledge and expertise.”
Project Manager, The Portland Trust
Live Unlimited
“Steve was extremely helpful in understanding our needs regarding website hosting and GDPR, providing practical and cost effective solutions for our charity. He spoke using easy to understand terminology (very helpful given my limited understanding!) and was on hand to offer support when I had problems editing the website. I am so glad I found CITA and will no doubt be using their services again as well as recommending them to others.”
Project Lead, Live Unlimited
The New Cross Gate Trust
“The consultation helped me to clarify the organisation’s needs regarding IT infrastructure and plan out a way forward.”
Strategy and Partnerships Manager, The New Cross Gate Trust

“The consultant understood our needs and circumstances and showed good flexibility in process and solutions identified. A good experience and one I would recommend.”

Trustee, Bristol Asperger Group
“IT review and strategy is something that always slips down the to-do list. Arranging to look at it with an expert was a great use of my time and gave me concrete actions as well as reducing my anxiety about an issue I knew little about.”
CEO, Nottingham Womens Centre
“Ian’s contribution helped us to narrow the focus of our search for an IT solution that would meet the retail requirements of our organisation. This has helped to push us forward as we consider opening retail outlets to increase our presence as a cycle shop charity into the local communities we serve and ensure we are able to give solid customer service to those who need it most.”
Trustee, Cycle-R
Settle Stories
“As a result of this Tech Surgery we have been able to identify the right CRM solution and implement it. This will have a significant impact on your resilience and sustainability as a charity in the coming months and years.”
Director, Settle Stories
Nucleus Community Action Ltd
“Great to get someone form out side the organisation to take a fresh look at our website. He was able to provide feedback on what we were doing well, what we could change . It was also really useful to get additional comments on our ideas for future developments.”
Director, Nucleus Community Action Ltd
The Thanet
“Tech Surgery is a wonderful resource, and I would recommend it to anyone working in the third sector and in need of IT support.”
Centre Manager, The Thanet
Archives of IT
“Archives of IT engaged the services of CITA to identify and select a volunteer to help build and validate a taxonomy for oral history interviews. Archives of IT received excellent service and has benefitted from working with a volunteer identified by CITA.”
Director of Operations, Archives of IT
“As a small charity, without CITA – we could have never afford to keep our IT up to speed which is essential to serve marginalised communities.”
Founder, BidnaCapoeira
Riana Development Network
“Atul was fantastic. He really took his time to understand the needs of a small charity and the pressures they are under to deliver good quality services with minimum resources. The solutions suggested were quite practical and achievable. Some suggestions have been adopted by the organisation.”
Executive Director, Riana Development Network
Courtyard Arts
“Such a helpful service! Not having any internal IT support at our tiny charity means we’re often left googling for answers which can be a bit of a black hole. Speaking to Stephen clarified what we needed to prioritise and he’s agreed to continue support while we implement his suggestions.”
Centre Director, Courtyard Arts
Help on your doorstep
“A very easy to use service that helps charities get expert IT advice and consultancy. There are IT people out there that are happy to give their time to help charities and a lot of charities desperately in need of some expert IT guidance. It’s a win-win.”
Business Operations Manager, Help on your doorstep
The Care Workers Charity
“The CITA service was really useful. The consultant quickly got to grips with what we needed and helped bring our plans into focus.”
Chief Executive Officer, The Care Workers Charity
Make Music Day UK
“For small charities without an IT specialist, it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to IT project. CITA was a vital resource for us as it opened up a pool of specialists without taking on any financial risk. The consultancy we received helped us develop a clearer brief, a project timeline, a realistic budget and a way to identify the skills and expertise we needed.”
Lead Project Manager, Make Music Day UK
Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales
“The help we received via CITA’s Tech Surgery was useful in helping us to clarify the way forward with a comprehensive IT strategy refresh, including data storage, CRM, and custom records for our clinical activities. We have since refined our wish list and have been able to talk with suppliers with more confidence in our strategy.”
Head of Operations, Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales
Children’s Centre Leader
“It has been wonderful to have Colin’s skills and experience at our disposal to create a functioning website for Children’s Centre Leader. There was a good amount of communication and flexibility and Colin was committed to achieving a good result on our behalf. The new website will enable us to present ourselves in an even more professional and positive way as we move ahead with developing partnerships with wider organisations. We are very pleased with the results and would thoroughly recommend this as a method of support for charities wishing to set up a website.”
Associate, Children’s Centre Leader
Working Families
“Such a good use of an hour… confirmation that we are not as bad as we might be… with a clear agenda of what our first action should be.”
Chief Executive Officer, Working Families
Nottingham Arimathea Trust
“It was really helpful to have a CITA volunteer go through our IT issues and come up with a plan for changes that will enable us to develop our IT provision therefore indirectly supporting the work of the charity and helping us to keep up to date with the services we provide.”
Chief Executive Officer, Nottingham Arimathea Trust
The Women and Families Resource Centre
“Great work around IT. Very useful information for our charity. Was broken down step by step which makes it easy to understand and take action.”
Executive Director, The Women and Families Resource Centre
African Revival
“Stuart has been hugely helpful, and available to help us after the initial meeting. We really appreciate his support.”
International Programme and Fundraising Executive, African Revival
The AHOY Centre
“An excellent service from the CITA advert on line asking for help , through to the actual volunteer help. This kind of pro bono or volunteer help is vital especially when management or subject expertise is not present in staff, trustees or existing volunteers. Excellent support service which we will not hesitate to use again.”
Alternative Provision and Project Development Manager, The AHOY Centre
Ballet Cymru
“CITA commissioned a knowledgable IT consultant to provide a free comprehensive assessment of current IT system & communications infrastructure. The consultant also proposed specific areas for development to enable Ballet Cymru to create a practical and cost-effective action plan for improving IT communications, and identified ongoing useful sources of suitable support for a small arts organisation with limited IT skills and resources.”
Administrator, Ballet Cymru
“Our CITA volunteer was very proactive, helpful and thorough. It was a pleasure to work with him and he fulfilled our brief well within the timeframe.“
Development Manager, Employment Autism
The Honest Truth
“The service was easy to access and we were put in touch with a fantastic IT consultant quickly who took time to understand what we needed to do. The work was scheduled to suit both our availability and done efficiently and all importantly for no charge – which is incredibly helpful for a small charity.”
Chief Executive, The Honest Truth
Sandwell Homeless And Resettlement Project (SHARP)
“I had shopped around for IT support providers who were happy to quote me for the most expensive option available. Good job I couldn’t afford them. Our consultant spent more time with me than any of the providers. He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable and has saved our small Charity about £10,000 in the first year.”
Chief Executive, Sandwell Homeless And Resettlement Project (SHARP)
Givin’ it Laldie
“The surgery meeting I had with John was clear, consise and addressed the questions I brought to him effectively. It supported us as a charity to feel confident in writing an IT Policy that was relevant to our needs and still robust. I was able to take clear steps towards putting policies and procedures in place that we needed to. I would highly recommend the service for small charities like ourselves. Thank you.”
Manager, Givin’ it Laldie
One Community Development Trust
“Steve Westrop made contact with us, and was very efficient in helping us to identify what we needed.”
Chief Executive, One Community Development Trust
Wheelchair World
“This volunteer was excellent, very thorough in responding to my request and looking in to other areas that he noticed needed fixing. He really went the extra mile!“
CEO, Wheelchair World
Young Barnet Foundation
“For small charities the CITA support is a great IT function for non urgent IT issues.”
Operations Manager, Young Barnet Foundation
Hand in Hand International
“Jeanine Cazabon, consultant from CITA IT Help for Charities helped me to find a new Managed Support Services IT company. As I am not an IT specialist I found her help and advice very useful. Jeanine helped me to put together a Request for Proposal document with relevant questions setting out our requirements. She then helped me to go through incoming proposals, short list candidates and attend interviews with two shortlisted companies. She also helped me with more specific questions at the interview to get all relevant information. Jeanine was always available to talk on the phone or to come in to the office . She has also supported me after the selection process with some good advice. Thanks to her we now have a good IT company onboard. I also feel that through Jeanine I understand the IT issues much better and what to look and ask for.”
Office Manager, Hand in Hand International
Coventry Independent Advice Service
“The consultant (Mike) was extremely helpful, friendly and approachable. He understood our needs and made appropriate recommendations which were clearly explained. Highly recommended.”
Director of Service, Coventry Independent Advice Service
“Our mentor quickly grasped our needs and understood what was required to support a small charity that needed expertise which they were unable to access. She presented a clear pathway for improvement in our website and worked with the whole team to ensure that what she was suggesting was actually what was required. She made us think about what would best meet the needs of our charity, what would be most supportive for our community and what would engage funders. We can not speak highly enough about the support given, it injected us with enthusiasm and a conviction that we could change and improve our website considerably. Her support was very empowering.”
Charity Development Director, [email protected]
“Extremely helpful service. I didn’t know where to start with improving our charity’s IT systems or what the best options were but I knew what I wanted to be able to do! Alistair was very good at listening to our needs and very knowledgeable about the options available. He completely understood our lack of resources and talked realistically about the likely prices of each option.”
Business Manager, Share
[email protected] POD could not recommend the CITA Tech Surgery highly enough. We specifically wanted someone to look at our website, be honest about it’s limitations and suggest a way to move forward. We got exactly that and more!! Our volunteer clearly understood her remit and put together a report that set out what the issues were and how we could make changes that would make our website more accessible to funders and participants. Our volunteer was very honest regarding the website issues but she was also solution focussed which was very empowering for us. We have limited expertise in this area and our volunteer has made us feel that with her support we can make the necessary changes to make our presence on the web more impactive which will make a big difference to our charity.”
Charity Development Director, [email protected]
Rights of Women
“Rights of women are very grateful to the excellent advice given to us by expert IT volunteers from CITA.”
Services Officer, Rights of Women
“As a small charity, without CITA – we could have never afforded to keep our IT up to speed which is essential to serve marginalised communities.”
Founder, Capoeira4Refugees
“Jon provided us with a two hour ‘mini’ consultancy, consisting of a meeting with key staff followed up with a written report. He was focussed, business-like and empathetic. The meeting didn’t seem to take long, but the report showed that he had grasped the full situation, and the many suggestions and recommendations he included in it will really benefit us. I am delighted to have stumbled across this service, and it has really helped me to get to grips with my next steps in ‘digitally transforming’ our charity.”
CEO, The Grange Centre
The Sherwood Forest Trust
“Our small charity has had several IT malware attacks the past couple of years, we have no dedicated IT manager and very little budget for IT support. It came as a wonderful gift that we stumbled across CITA, and within a few weeks we had a surgery with a very well informed IT professional. The surgery was very in depth and covered all the areas we had highlighted in detail. From the report we have created a priority list and are also seeking funding for some aspects such as new hardware. We would not hesitate to recommend a CITA Tech Surgery to any charitable organisation.”
Community Heritage Landscape Manager, The Sherwood Forest Trust
The Tech Surgery via phone with Alistair was excellent – really helpful and provided me with practical options, both long and short-term.
Office Manager, ICOMOS UK
The Mill
“We found our Tech Surgery to be very useful as it helped me to identify some areas for improvement. I will be looking at these recommendations and hope to better improve our service.”
Business Development Manager, The Mill
Bread and Water for Africa UK
“Our volunteer was extremely knowledgeable and came very well prepared. He provided an in-depth analysis of our needs, with related recommendations for each problem. He also offered himself for any subsequent questions. It was great to have everything summed up in one report with simple, actionable steps to move forward. We now need to decide on the best way to move forward based on budget.”
CEO, Bread and Water for Africa UK
Citizens Theatre
“It was incredibly useful to get the advice of an experienced IT expert that is completely independent from our suppliers and contractors. It is exactly what we needed to make sure we are making the right investments for the long term needs of our charity.”
Head of Production, Citizens Theatre
“Our volunteer Richard is extremely professional and capable of analysing IT problems and providing appropriate solutions for charities with limited budgets.”
National Co-ordinator, NATECLA
Epsom Riding for Disabled Association
“CITA is a great resource for charities who don’t know where or how to access IT support. We’re run entirely by volunteers and know we need to do something about IT but don’t know what or where to start. Our tech surgery helped us to prioritise our efforts and pointed us in the right direction. I hope that it has also put us in contact with a great supporter to guide us in the future.”
Trustee, Epsom Riding for Disabled Association
“Our volunteer Frank was exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful and understanding of someone with low database knowledge. He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend this service to any charity with IT specific needs.”
Fundraising Manager, CHUMS
Journey to Justice
“Talking to Alistair about our technical and admin needs was a great gift for us at Journey to Justice. He was so knowledgeable, clear and reassuring. We are extremely grateful for his and CITA’s support, it will be transforming and we’re looking forward to the next steps.”
Director, Journey to Justice
Hands Inc
“Stuart was extremely knowledgeable and was able to help us prioritise a plan of action. Most importantly, he was able to give us a realistic time frame – given our resources – and set out potential risks.”
Director of Operations, Hands Inc
“Our volunteer was great. As a small charity having expert guidance as we were developing our IT strategy was invaluable.”
IT Project Officer, PSU
Clore Social Leadership
“Your services were very useful and straightforward to use. A volunteer was really quick to respond to my request and turned out to have just the right experience that we needed.”
Operations Director, Clore Social Leadership
WILD Young Parents Project
“John’s support was priceless. He really understood what WILD Young Parents Project was about. John was prepared for our call and we were able to get straight to discussing the matter at hand. We gained some fantastic advice and a thorough action plan which highlights areas we need to focus on.”
WILD Young Parents Project
“Very helpful in providing expert insight and ideas on what exactly we would need in our website and what would be helpful.”
“I was contacted very promptly by CITA’s volunteer consultant who was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and very thorough. The report was also received very promptly following the surgery session. As a small charity it is fantastic to receive such support.”
General Manager, Justlife Foundation
Merton Mencap
“The most valuable aspect of the tech surgery was getting some really useful ideas about the process we need to go through when we move offices and confirmation that the technical platform were are considering for our website is a realistic option.“
Merton Mencap
“At WayfinderWoman we struggled for a long time with anything tech related. Our website in particular didn’t convey the enormous work we’ve done supporting women and we didn’t have an IT strategy that would help us advance. Thanks to the support from Nasir we’re now moving forward with more confidence and will be far more accessible to women who need help in overcoming barriers in the workplace.”
Chair, WayfinderWoman
“At WayfinderWoman we struggled for a long time with anything tech related. Our website in particular didn’t convey the enormous work we’ve done supporting women and we didn’t have an IT strategy that would help us advance. Thanks to the support from Nasir we’re now moving forward with more confidence and will be far more accessible to women who need help in overcoming barriers in the workplace.”
Chair, WayfinderWoman
Advice Services Alliance
“A very useful discussion with an experienced IT person who could talk to the uninitiated in a straight forward manner.”
Director, Advice Services Alliance
Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support
“The surgery was excellent. John assessed our needs clearly and provided us with a list of actions which we will certainly pursue. A really helpful experience which I would recommend for any similar organisation.”
Trustee, Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support
Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP)
“John was very knowledgeable and asked lots of questions to provide a relevant and jargon-free response and comprehensive report to follow up. His recommendations made sense and were realistic and doable.”
Head of Service Delivery, Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP)
Rona Sailing Project
“Alistair did a very thorough job in looking at the issues we raised and made suggestions for actionable next steps for us in order to reconsider our systems and procedures for a more effective IT function within our organisation.”
Project Director, Rona Sailing Project
Resources for Autism
“We really appreciated the time, overview and knowledge that we received. It will help us to go forward with essential developments over the coming months.”
Fundraiser, Resources for Autism
Priority Area Playgroups
“Our adviser has been fantastic. He thoroughly understood our problem and devised a really great report which clearly addressed our problem. Thank you for providing this free service to charities!”
Priority Area Playgroups
Coventry Irish Society
“Our CITA volunteer was very professional and helpful providing specialist knowledge and advice as well as completing excellent work to our website. I would definitely recommend CITA to other charities.​”
Manager, Coventry Irish Society
The SEED Project
“Our volunteer fully understood our problem and offered expert advice in how to move things forward. He has been reliable and in regular contact. While being technically competent he has communicated information in a non tech way. We are so pleased that we discovered CITA!”
Volunteer Coordinator, The SEED Project
Accommodation Concern
“CITA’s Tech Surgery has been extremely useful for Accommodation Concern and will help us to get the best value out of a very limited I.T. budget.”
Chief Executive, Accommodation Concern
“I had been looking for a volunteering role that a) fit my availability and b) allowed me to use the skills that I have acquired and was pleased to find the CITA website and the PSU opportunity. I did not realise how much an effect it would have on my professional work. It has had an immediate impact on how I take on paid work and the balance that I look for in life.”
Damien, CITA Volunteer
Alifya Education
“The Tech Surgery helped our baby charity Alifya Education Ltd get an insight of how it can approach it’s IT needs. We have a clear cut idea now as to what to do both in the short and long term.”
Managing Director, Alifya Education
Just for Kids Law
“Matt was really helpful and encouraging that we can do what we want to do with the small budget we have and gave me comfort that he would be able to support us and signpost us to free and cheap solutions and support to get our project off the ground.”
Business Consultant, Just for Kids Law
Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre
“Phil came and conducted a tech surgery, he gave me lots of invaluable advice and followed this up with a written report. He has also offered to return and complete some further actions with us. He was wonderful and I cannot thank him enough. His input will enable our organisation’s IT infrastructure to become more efficient and save us money long term.”
Office Manager, Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre
Article 25
“Thank you CITA for matching us with a consultant, Chris, who had the additional expertise and experience we require at this time. He listened carefully, supported, confirmed our thinking and actions on some matters. He advised, directed, and challenged in a positive and helpful way. We feel more ready to move on and delighted to have CITA as a partner on our IT Journey towards adopting new technologies and moving to the Cloud.”
Operations Manager, Article 25
Access All Areas
“Our Tech Surgery was great – Steve listened to our problems and came up with simple, actionable steps to overcome them. An amazing service!”
Operations Manager, Access All Areas
“On behalf of Shallal I really appreciate the time that our CITA mentor gave us to share his skills and knowledge. He has written us an in-depth document setting out our requirements for our new website, and taken the time to talk me through all the headings so that I understand the web-specific language. This process will enable us to make a really good quality, attractive, appropriate and usable website for our future.”
Project Manager, Shallal
Ealing Equality Council
“Stephen was fantastic, very supportive and understating of the organisation and personal needs. Guided us step by step and was very clear, spending lots of time going through each of our requirements. Excellent!!!”
Operations Manager, Ealing Equality Council
South West Lancashire Independent Community Advice Network
“For a small Charity like ours to have access to an IT specialist is amazing. Within minutes of our visit starting we started to discuss and develop new protocols that will help protect us and our clients when using our newly purchased computers. This is a really great initiative.”
Chair, South West Lancashire Independent Community Advice Network
Age UK Torbay
“John, the volunteer from CITA, spent a few hours with me, allowing me to go through (with very basic knowledge and language) what our issues were and where we needed to be as an organisation with our future IT requirements. I will be using the report to formulate options for our trustees to make an informed decision on the way forward.”
Chief Officer, Age UK Torbay
The Animal Welfare Foundation
“John was excellent in guiding our conversation to navigate all our possible IT needs. He easily comprehended our unique charity position and used a very brief overview to identify very relevant IT issues we may be experiencing. Where he was most helpful, however, was in managing our expectations and setting out guidance for how our processes should be approached before diving into finding an IT solution. This, I have no doubt, has saved us a lot of time and resources and moving forward we will be more considered about the type of IT solutions we look for.”
Fundraising and Development Manager, The Animal Welfare Foundation
Inspire Middleton, The Lighthouse Project
“The Tech Surgery from CITA was very helpful in allowing me to talk about our IT needs in a non-technical way. The volunteer who came to visit was very personable and listened well which allowed me to chat and talk about our aspirations in a relaxed manner. In a small charity you can often feel alone and uncertain about who to turn to for independent help, I would certainly recommend a Tech Surgery to other charities like ours.”
Development Manager, Inspire Middleton, The Lighthouse Project
Light for Life
“The Tech Surgery was a useful tool in terms of identifying where our IT strengths and weaknesses lie and gave us a valuable insight into where improvements/changes are needed. Highly recommended!”
Operations Manager, Light for Life
Step by Step
“Digital technology, cloud computing and the internet offer huge benefits to charities but the security and privacy issues are complex and could hold many charities back. CITA matched us with a volunteer who was very experienced with IT security in an organisation of our size. Our volunteer patiently helped us work through our key risks and identify practical steps we could take to use our new cloud system with confidence.”
Digital Transformation Volunteer, Step by Step
Rhema Partnership

“As a small organisation, it is so valuable to know that someone with the right expertise can offer me impartial, objective advice. I was really grateful to bounce ideas with Henry and I think our charity is better off for his advice​”

Director, Rhema Partnership
Volunteer Centre Hackney
“Our volunteer, Bradley, was efficient, quick, saved us hundreds of pounds, and came back on several occasions to see the job through. I feel very fortunate to have had this free service.”
Chief Executive, Volunteer Centre Hackney
Fashion Awareness Direct
“My IT consultant, Matthew, was extremely helpful, patient and understanding. He took me through my IT issues in small steps that I was able to understand; he went out of his way to find out the software used in our database and to find solutions. Very helpful indeed, thank you!​”
CEO, Fashion Awareness Direct
Fulham Palace
“The tech surgery was really helpful, we have a variety of issues to deal with and the surgery helped us to focus on our priorities.”
Development Officer, Fulham Palace
Age UK Lewisham & Southwark
“The session was extremely insightful! It was great to receive expert advice we could understand as non-IT professionals. I came away feeling very excited and positive about the changes we will be making.”
Development Manager, Age UK Lewisham & Southwark
Home-Start UK
“Oli has been really helpful in giving us a steer on how best to move forward with our plans. Its been really useful to get some advice to set us on the right path. ​”
Deputy CEO, Home-Start UK
Omnibus – Clapham
“Very useful service and one that we will be suggesting to any like minded organisations in the same circumstances”​
General Manager, Omnibus – Clapham
Disability North
“CITA is a great service and very easy to use. Colin has been excellent and very generous with his time and expertise. I couldn’t recommend CITA more.​”
Information Officer, Disability North
The Care Leavers’ Association
“The consultation proved to be very effective. The consultant had a good understanding of the brief on the call. We discussed the issue and the consultant highlighted possible solutions. Consultant was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The process was quick and effective. Very happy indeed.”
National Director, The Care Leavers’ Association
Age Concern Bracknell Forest
“David was very quickly able to grasp what Age Concern Bracknell Forest do and how our existing IT was limiting us. He provided a comprehensive but understandable report for the trustee board to consider and even came up with some costs. Thoroughly recommended.”
Chief Executive Officer, Age Concern Bracknell Forest
National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society
“Stephen was very thorough, professional and full of cost-effective solutions to improve our IT.”
Supporter Engagement Manager, National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society
Deen City Farm and Riding School
“Peter has brought much-needed clarity to a muddled situation, and has carefully isolated and defined problems, and solutions. He clearly had the right skills and knowledge, and was friendly and professional to deal with.”
Operations Manager, Deen City Farm and Riding School
Halesworth Community Nursing Care Fund (HCNCF)
“John was extremely helpful and provided The Trustees with a number of sensible steps that will need to be undertaken prior to setting up a data base and contact management system. These ranged from ensuring that the IT infrastructure incorporated in the building design is fit for purpose, establishing what data needs to be stored, undertaking pilot studies for different areas of the charity’s work, reviewing and agreeing data protection rules to establish a Data Protection Policy and pointers to choosing database and IT solutions.”
Trustee, Halesworth Community Nursing Care Fund (HCNCF)
“It was really useful to get some independent advice and be able to get a steer on some fundamental questions. We went away a lot clearer on what to do next.”
Director, Museum of East Anglian Life
Litigant in Person Support Strategy
“The whole process was efficient and effective. My volunteer was friendly, professional and provided me with some excellent advice. I’m really happy this service exists and will definitely be recommending it to others.”
LIP Network Coordinator, Litigant in Person Support Strategy
“Steve’s assessment of our IT needs was extremely thorough and insightful. He understood our current challenges but also prompted us to think about how we want to work to make the best use of our time – our most precious resource. He’s made sense of our needs and prioritised them in a way that’s both sensible and achievable.”
CMV Action
“The session with John, and his resulting recommendations, enabled me to more clearly consider our current position, interim measures to address issues, as well as possibilities for the longer term. Realisation that we need to consider basic practices in order to clarify exact requirements might seem elementary, but was much more obvious after John’s report.”
Project Manager, CMV Action
“The volunteer we found through CITA was a tremendous help to our charity. With his skills, expertise and powers of negotiation, Phil helped us to wade through reams of pages of proposals from potential ICT suppliers. He drew up a shortlisting matrix, identified a shortlist, worked with potential providers to refine their quotes and carried out site visits. He made sure we were happy with the process and informed throughout. We are so grateful for all the help he provided – this has made a massive difference to our workload and the confidence we have in our new provider and ICT infrastructure.”
Chief Executive, Carers Trust Thames
The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust
“Ian has been fantastic to work with. He has given his time happily and we have felt that he has our interests at heart. His dedication and commitment to helping the charity work to a solution has been first class. He has always been very enthusiastic and made us feel as important as his “day job”. We would have been utterly stuck without him.”
Director, The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust
The Walcot Foundation
“CITA’s Tech Surgery was brilliant: we were quickly offered help by a competent IT professional who gave clear and practical advice.”
Director, The Walcot Foundation
Calm Mediation
“The tech surgery provided an impartial review of my computer system which will assist me to make informed decisions about upgrades.”
Director, Calm Mediation
Age UK Berkshire
“The consultant supplied via CITA was new to working with charities but very quickly grasped our current manner of working without being afraid to question & critique. His use of technical language was appropriate: complex when needed and simple when that was needed. His suggestions were also appropriate, in understanding that a small charity cannot always remedy what needs doing in a speedy timescale: recommendations were clearly staged and properly explained. An excellent service that we wish we’d made use of much earlier!”
Chief Executive, Age UK Berkshire
Cobseo, The Confederation of Service Charities
“As the membership organisation supporting Armed Forces Charities, we are a very small office with limited funds and resources. It was refreshing to have a knowledgeable and independent perspective which David brought in spades. The introductory session was very promising and we look forward to being able to explore how we might implement changes.”
Head of Membership and Finance, Cobseo, The Confederation of Service Charities
“The advice given was very clear, relevant and appropriate. We will definitely be following-up on the recommendations made.”
The Honourable Company of Air Pilots
Valley House
“A really excellent service! Friendly, helpful and professional. Guided us to the next steps we need to take in making best use of the technology we already know, whilst maximising the opportunities of cloud based services for the future.”
Valley House
Sparkly Hearts Foundation
“Absolutely essential service for small, unfunded charities. CITA is great at coordinating projects and finding volunteers, who in turn are eager to help quickly and efficiently. Without the service provided by CITA I would still be struggling to fix an objectively small issue, but a subjectively huge one. Thank you CITA!”
Founder & CEO, Sparkly Hearts Foundation
“I found the opportunity to speak to an IT professional who not only listens to my perceived requirements, but is able to communicate with me in a language which I can understand very helpful. This makes it much easier for me to disseminate the knowledge and advice I have gained to my Board and my staff – thank you!”
Founder and Development Director, HighGround
National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education
“Stephen was very patient with us and listened to all the difficulties – technical and financial – we were facing. He provided a detailed and realistic timetable to resolve our problems within our very limited IT budget, and offered to continue supporting us to put the solutions in place! We are delighted.”
Executive Director, National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education
Headway North London
“After years of IT headaches we are so happy to have the help of CITA. Our project is to migrate to Office 365 and the CITA volunteer helping us is hand-holding us through each step, making things as straightforward as possible. He knows what he’s doing and that’s extremely reassuring. I can’t recommend this fantastic service enough.”
Volunteer, Headway North London
Women’s Environmental Network
“The initial meeting with the volunteer was extremely helpful, gave us good advice with regards to our IT plan and is able to provide us with further support.”
IT Volunteer, Women’s Environmental Network
Arts Alive
“It has been really helpful to have someone come in with the relevant skills and knowledge and an independent fresh look at how we do things. It you are at the start of a planning process, or have actions that need to occur now, I can really recommend this service.”
Director, Arts Alive
Lewisham Music Hub
“Speaking to Stephen has allowed clarification about understanding what we think we need and what we actually need. It’s helped to understand how we can keep things simple and the tasks involved in getting to delivery and installation of a new IT infrastructure. Thank you for this help.”
Business Support Manager, Lewisham Music Hub
Media Trust
“Our CITA volunteer prepared a well thought through schedule and ideas for our meeting which provided a useful structure. She was also able to leave us with a number of actions and aids to help us with these. We will use these as we work through our selection of an IT system to ensure our options are evaluated in a systematic way.”
Finance and Resources Director, Media Trust
“Stephen was very knowledgeable and gave us clear advice once he understood our needs, including some excellent resources I didn’t know about. A really excellent service.”
Communications Manager, Church Housing Trust
“The Consultancy service enables small charities to enlist help that they could not possibly have in-house and could probably not afford to employ on a purely commercial basis. It provides specialist expertise at exactly the moment that it is required.”
Trustee, Adint Charitable Trust
Fife Folk Museum Trust
“In a small volunteer run charity with no IT expertise we needed to upgrade our IT and telecoms. Our CITA expert helped us understand the options and costs involved and suggested practical solutions. We can now approach our suppliers with confidence”
Honorary Treasurer, Fife Folk Museum Trust
“The process gives me an opportunity to connect with a charity that needs bespoke IT skills, and an opportunity for me to give my time to help charities move forwards with their IT plans.”
“As a volunteer Strategic IT Advisor, I have found the experience to be extremely challenging and rewarding. It is also extremely gratifying to know that the advice and expertise that I’ve provided has benefited the various charities concerned, and helped them to confidently move forward in terms of selecting and implementing the most appropriate technologies and strategies to meet their future business needs.”
Wild Trout Trust
“The Tech Surgery was a really useful catalyst for us to think as a team about our IT and how it could be improved, using expert advice from CITA to guide the discussion.”
Head of Fundraising and Communication, Wild Trout Trust
Money for Madagascar
“Our tech surgery was really helpful. The CITA volunteer was able to understand all the problems that we faced and to suggest solutions in a way that was easy to understand and follow up. There was no ulterior motive to sell us anything, as I had previously feared. All of the suggestions were for free or low cost solutions. Thank you!”
Fundraiser, Money for Madagascar
Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations
“A very efficient and effective session that really helped us get an overview of where we are and where we might go.”
Engagement and Collaboration Manager, Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations
Elmbridge Rentstart
“This service gave us, a small but growing organisation, the opportunity to take a step back and really identify our growing needs.”
Manager, Elmbridge Rentstart
Forward Day Centre Ltd
“I found speaking to the volunteer very helpful – an independent view – she thought of things we had not considered ourselves, looked at things from a different angle.”
Business Support Officer, Forward Day Centre Ltd
New Directions (Rugby) Limited
“I found it very useful talking through our plans and will use the report as a reference in our future plans.”
Finance manager, New Directions (Rugby) Limited
Friends of St Nicholas Fields
“It has been a really useful exercise to look through our IT and have some dedicated time for it. Although some of the actions may seem obvious, the Tech Surgery helped us put actions and recommendations in context of our wider tech requirements.”
Chief Officer, Friends of St Nicholas Fields
St Michaels Fellowship
“A chance to review with an independent expert our organisation’s IT goals and structure and consider how we need to plan – and free!”
Head of Fundraising, St Michaels Fellowship
Princess Royal Trust Lanarkshire Carers Centre Ltd
“This was a really beneficial surgery. The IT consultant was very knowledgeable and was able to advise on the pros and cons of the different options we were considering – a number of things were highlighted that we had not considered before. I would highly recommend the Tech Surgery to anyone, especially if you are considering a number of options and are not sure which is the best long term solution for the organisation.”
Information & Communication Technology Development Worker, Princess Royal Trust Lanarkshire Carers Centre Ltd
CLASH 2012
“CITA offered a unique pro bono service to our small user-led charity. This was a wonderful opportunity to benefit from tech expertise, on the use of a new Cloud based platform, that we could not finance from the charity budget. THANK YOU”
Chairperson, CLASH 2012
Twinkle House
“CITA IT help for Charities is an invaluable support service for small organisations like ours, who struggle with few resources and often not having the expertise in-house to cope with the ever changing world of IT. Twinkle House received excellent, clear and useful information regarding improving our IT that will aid our Charity in making better decisions and getting help in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend CITA IT help for charities to other organisations.”
CEO, Twinkle House
“Very helpful assessment by an independent third party. The Tech Surgery has helped to crystallise my thoughts – thank you.”
Operations Manager, SCVO
Blackfriars Settlement
“The CITA Tech Surgery was everything I wished for and more. The Cita Volunteer listened carefully to our situation, asked questions to get a clear picture and then proposed a clear and affordable way forward… So, what more could I wish for?”
Director, Blackfriars Settlement
LAG Education and Service Trust Ltd
“As a small charity we do not have existing IT knowledge among out staff. However, making the right choice on future IT systems will be essential for our long term survival. It was very good to talk to an expert who did not have a specific solution to sell us but who considered a number of different options.”
Marketing Manager, LAG Education and Service Trust Ltd
“The CITA volunteer was amazingly helpful – it was great to have someone come in and confirm what we knew already, but were unsure of. He was so helpful and has really set us on the right path. Thanks so much!”
Database and IT Officer, PTA UK
Accessible Arts & Media
“The advice and support provided by the Tech Surgery has helped make the previously overwhelming task of overhauling all of our IT systems into a manageable process, clearly linked to our strategic objectives for the next 5 years.”
Development Manager, Accessible Arts & Media
“A really effective service, which provided us with the type of support we needed, in a very easy to understood manner. The CITA volunteer was very knowledgeable and yet explained the next steps for us in layman’s terms and provided information about our current IT system which will be invaluable. His advice on how to proceed was very helpful and has pointed us in the right direction. Many thanks to CITA.”
Community Development Coordinator, Humber & Wolds Rural Community Council
Cardiomyopathy UK

“Our Tech Surgery helped us to make some key decisions about our IT and to put together our plans based on sound guidance and real knowledge.”

Chief Executive, Cardiomyopathy UK
Abortion Support Network
“The Tech Surgery was brilliant. In the first call we discussed four separate technical needs our small but growing organisation is facing, and in the second call we were presented with a number of solutions for each one. We’re now well on our way to having solutions for all four, much more quickly than we could have on our own, and with the knowledge that the vendors and providers we’re approaching are reputable and effective. Thanks so much!”
Founder and Director, Abortion Support Network
Association of Chairs
“It was very helpful to have an independent expert perspective on our IT challenges and ambitions, with clear actionable next steps.”
Executive Director, Association of Chairs
Omega Research Foundation
“It was incredibly useful to sit down with an expert who really listened to what we needed and was able to run through the different options available and how we can move forward to improve our data systems.”
Research Associate, Omega Research Foundation
Bowel Cancer UK
“Our consultant was knowledgeable and knew the market place and had advice and suggestions that had not come via other relevant suppliers. He took the time to listen to our requirements and the report we received was helpful and gave us some information that we will consider as we move forward with our project.”
Director of Finance and Resouces, Bowel Cancer UK
Buckingham County Museum Trust
“Light touch and provides useful direct contacts in which we can have confidence.”
Director, Buckingham County Museum Trust
Circles Network
“In this case, it helped to have a fresh pair of eyes to look at the issues and be able to come up with some simple, yet effective, solutions.”
ICT Manager, Circles Network
South West London Law Centres
“An absolute gem of a CITA volunteer and really helpful, valuable advice that has saved us a lot of money and increased our knowledge. We are very grateful.”
Client Services Manager, South West London Law Centres
Action Duchenne
“Tech Surgery was very useful for a small charity like ourselves without a dedicated IT employee/department. It’s given us a lot of food for thought.”
Senior Corporate, Trusts and Grants Officer, Action Duchenne
South Northamptonshire Volunteer Bureau
“It’s really useful to be able to discuss IT matters with an impartial expert.”
IT Coordinator, South Northamptonshire Volunteer Bureau
Eden Rivers Trust
“Having the advice of an expert who was able to take the time to understand our system and make recommendations has been incredibly useful. We have been able to act on the advice to make our system more reliable and resilient for the future.”
Finance Manager, Eden Rivers Trust
“The volunteer drew on his considerable experience in IT infrastructure and migration to the cloud to provide us with really useful advice about our different options, and his recommendations took into account our specific needs and resources (which includes talented IT volunteers). An invaluable service – we are now much more confident about which path we should take.”
CEO, Reach
“The process works well and I think both parties can get good value out of the surgeries.”
The Warren House Group at Dartington
“This was a far better and professional service than I was ever expecting. Normally consultants are focussed on up-selling products or services, the CITA volunteer’s approach was independent of this baggage and his huge experience and hands-on practical guidance and reassurance was superb. As a non ‘Techie’ I found his excellent listening as well as his warm and personal communication skills aided the whole process immensely. A valuable and most appreciated service – thank you.”
Head of Operations, The Warren House Group at Dartington
The Charleston Trust
“The service provided a much needed impartial, experienced look at our current situation and future needs. The consultant was friendly, knowledgeable and able to explain things in terms I (as someone without great technical knowledge) could understand. I’d highly recommend this service to other charities.”
Facilities and Membership Manager, The Charleston Trust
CESSAC (CofE Soldiers’, Sailors’ & Airmen’s Clubs)
“Tech Surgery’s volunteer quickly assimilated our situation and provided clear, easy to understand advice and options. We are most grateful.”
CEO, CESSAC (CofE Soldiers’, Sailors’ & Airmen’s Clubs)
SANDS – Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society
“We found the Tech Surgery provided by CITA to be extremely useful in terms of helping us to assess our IT needs and expectations. The Tech Surgery also helped to inform our IT strategy and plan for implementation of the strategy. Thank you CITA!”
Head of Finances and Resources, SANDS – Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society
Children in Crisis
“The Tech Surgery prompted me to crystallise our thinking on our IT issues and discussing it with their consultant was very useful in terms of challenging my assumptions and rationale, but also as a reality check and support of the solution we were considering.
A very useful exercise, and a great resource to medium sized charities without dedicated IT expertise in house. Thank you”
Director Finance and Resources, Children in Crisis
Yes to Life
“The CITA volunteer was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He has given us some things to consider all of which are relevant. He was also a really nice guy.”
Executive Director, Yes to Life