“A very rewarding and humbling experience, that allowed me the opportunity to help a smaller charity in its quest to improve and maximise the use of ICT.”
“The process is so easy, and the commitment is nicely ‘time-boxed’, so I knew I was getting into something that I could afford the time for.”
“CITA offers a fantastic platform to share skills and competencies with those who may not even know where to start looking for IT help – let alone know what questions to ask or be able to afford the costs involved in obtaining professional consultancy or expertise.”
“I enjoyed stepping outside of my day job to provide some advice.”
“CITA has facilitated me to use my skills in helping organisations at the other end of the country whom I had never heard of.”
“I always wanted to see if I could use my skills and experience to help non-profit organisations. The charities truly value your time, because it is truly of value, which is not only great for them but is really worthwhile to be part of from a personal point of view.”
“I would definitely recommend volunteering for this organisation.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to do something which was technically much more fun than my day job.”
“My experience exposed me to dabble with new open source technologies which might not be possible under corporate organisations. This experience has added to my skill-set and prospective employers are impressed with my accomplishments.”

“Being a CITA volunteer is fantastically rewarding.  Not only do you have the satisfaction of being able to share your expertise to help charities move forward and make good technology decisions but, meeting a variety of different people and charities with different objectives has broadened my knowledge of societal issues and shines a light on great people doing great things.”

“CITA provided a great opportunity for me to volunteer to help communities without entering into a long term commitment if they are unable to. Signing up was easy and the results very rewarding.”

Over 700 CITA volunteers help charities harness the full potential of technology to increase their impact for good. Whether as individuals or part of an organisation’s CSR programme, CITA volunteers have supported over 700 charities and have committed over 7,000 hours of pro bono work to make a positive impact on how charities work with technology.

Volunteers choose which projects to work on, where and when they work, and can determine their own timescales to manage their commitment. This helps to ensure that CITA can match the right volunteer skills, experience and availability to the needs of a specific charity.

CITA values the time, talent, and passion our volunteers contribute to help charities run more efficiently through technology review, advice and delivery.

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CITA volunteers benefit from gaining greater experience and exposure to IT issues and concerns, as well as knowing that they are indirectly helping people in need of charity support. As part of the CITA Community, volunteers also can network with each other, and with charity members and partners to share experiences and discuss best practice.

The CITA volunteer programme also helps organisations and employees to deliver their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Indeed, the CITA Partnership programme encourages organisations to directly support CITA by encouraging their staff to volunteer.

Learn more about volunteering

CITA will provide you with guidance and will suggest volunteer opportunities that match your location, your skills and your availability.

Skills that we are particularly looking for include:

  • Consultancy
  • Cloud strategy knowledge
  • Coding skills
  • Data management & security
  • Design skills
  • Digital marketing knowledge
  • Integration skills / migration knowledge
  • Project management
  • Web skills / analytics

Volunteering time can be as short as a half day tech review, or cover several days or months depending on the complexity of the project. You get to choose where and when as well as which charities you’d like to support.

COVID-19 Statement

For volunteers and charities – It is important that, whilst preparing for or during an assignment, both volunteers and charities rigorously adhere to current government guidelines and restrictions designed to limit the spread of the virus.

These can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

Where an assignment cannot be carried out safely according to these guidelines and restrictions then it should be delayed until such time that it can. Both volunteers and charities must each feel comfortable that adequate measures for their safety have been put in place before any assignment should proceed.

CITA cannot be held liable for the consequences of any failure, either by a charity or by a volunteer, to follow safe practice as required by any government guidelines or restrictions in force at the time of the assignment.

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