CITA Review

The role

A CITA Review is delivered by volunteers who are matched with a charity which requires independent and strategic advice on IT issues. This is intended to be a first step where a charity can begin to explore their IT issues. It will not necessarily solve any issues, but will begin to help the charity look at IT in a more strategic way and point them in the right direction for help that will benefit them.

The CITA Review is designed to be a contained engagement, and while the charity will most likely require further help, you will be able to sign-post them to resources (paid-for, low-bono and pro-bono) where they can access further assistance. A volunteer may complete more than one CITA Review.

Person description

We are seeking volunteers based in the United Kingdom with at least 5 years’ experience in either:

  • Developing, implementing and managing IT systems (software and hardware) to meet your organisation’s business objectives. Your job title is likely to be CIO, IT Director or IT Manager
  • Advising clients as a consultant on the procurement and implementation of IT systems (software and hardware) to meet their business objectives

In all cases you should have experience of:

  • Requirements gathering, specifying and procuring IT systems to support organisational objectives
  • Developing and delivering IT strategy and plans

What impact will the opportunity have?

You will be helping a charity establish a strategic view on IT.

What’s in it for the volunteer?

This is a great opportunity to use your specialist skill set by giving expert advice to help charities’ resources go further through the use of IT

Time commitment

Either in or out of office hours. This will require approximately half a day – making initial contact with the charity, conducting the two-hour Review session by phone.

How to volunteer

If you are a new volunteer you can apply by registering for an account below. If you are an existing volunteer, log into your account and select CITA Review to let us know that you are interested in volunteering for this service.

“A very rewarding and humbling experience, that allowed me the opportunity to help a smaller charity in its quest to improve and maximise the use of ICT.”
“The process is so easy, and the commitment is nicely ‘time-boxed’, so I knew I was getting into something that I could afford the time for.”
“CITA offers a fantastic platform to share skills and competencies with those who may not even know where to start looking for IT help – let alone know what questions to ask or be able to afford the costs involved in obtaining professional consultancy or expertise.”
“I enjoyed stepping outside of my day job to provide some advice.”
“CITA has facilitated me to use my skills in helping organisations at the other end of the country whom I had never heard of.”
“I always wanted to see if I could use my skills and experience to help non-profit organisations. The charities truly value your time, because it is truly of value, which is not only great for them but is really worthwhile to be part of from a personal point of view.”
“I would definitely recommend volunteering for this organisation.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to do something which was technically much more fun than my day job.”
“My experience exposed me to dabble with new open source technologies which might not be possible under corporate organisations. This experience has added to my skill-set and prospective employers are impressed with my accomplishments.”

“Being a CITA volunteer is fantastically rewarding.  Not only do you have the satisfaction of being able to share your expertise to help charities move forward and make good technology decisions but, meeting a variety of different people and charities with different objectives has broadened my knowledge of societal issues and shines a light on great people doing great things.”

“CITA provided a great opportunity for me to volunteer to help communities without entering into a long term commitment if they are unable to. Signing up was easy and the results very rewarding.”