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How we can help

The Charity IT Association’s vision is a world in which charities can harness the full potential of technology.

We help to achieve this by providing charities with access to affordable and trustworthy technology services to help them achieve their strategic mission.

Over the last 5 years we have worked with over 1000 charities, of all sizes, and have provided a range consultancy services which  encompass everything from initial requirements capture, to project implementation planning and delivery.

Charities Feedback

“The advice and support provided by the CITA Review has helped make the previously overwhelming task of overhauling all of our IT systems into a manageable process, clearly linked to our strategic objectives for the next 5 years.” 6.jpg

How It Works

Step 1

Register your organisation with us

Once you have registered your charitable organisation with us for free and provided a few key pieces of information for our records, you will be able to request support, choosing from our three services:


CITA Review - CITA Advisory - CITA Delivery

How we manage your project 

This clip will show you how to use our website and Project Platform, please enlarge the screen to read the subtitles

CITA Services

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A one-off diagnostic session offering independent advice on effective IT.

Taking a big picture look at a charity’s current use of technology, CITA Reviews provide a short assessment to evaluate your organisations current strengths and weaknesses. It aims to identify and qualify potential IT projects and initiatives that will support your strategic and operational objectives. You will receive a full written report of the discussion including recommendations.

An ideal place to start if you are tasked with decision-making or are not sure where to begin.

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IT project management support and advice.


Your CITA volunteer will help you to define, plan and manage an identified IT project from scoping to completion. This might be actionable by your team or enable you to apply for project-based funding. You volunteer can also offer advice on procurement and help to draft an RFP for services to ensure all bases are covered. A full written report will document the process and plans.

End-to-end expert assistance focussed on finding you the right technology solution.

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Technical resourcing to deliver a successful IT project.

Once you have defined and planned your project, your CITA volunteer will provide the technical skills needed to implement the deliverables. This can be managed by your charity or another CITA volunteer under your direction. On completion, you will receive a project deliverables report.


Providing the hands-on IT skills you need to bring your project to fruition.

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