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Volunteering with CITA

CITA runs on the time, talent and passion of our volunteers. Made up of IT professionals as well as those who are semi or recently retired or highly skilled and returning to work after a break, volunteering with CITA is an enriching and rewarding experience.

Volunteer Feedback

"A very rewarding and humbling experience, that allowed me the opportunity to help a smaller charity in its quest to improve and maximise the use of ICT." 3.png

Joining CITA’s Volunteer Community

Step 1

Minimum Requirement

If you have 3 years’ experience in the IT sector and are a UK based resident you meet our initial requirements to submit a membership application

How you support charity projects

This clip will show you how to use our website and Project Platform, please enlarge the screen to read the subtitles

Volunteer To Help Us Deliver CITA Services

Be part of making an incredible and real difference to charities where it skills and knowledge are often in short supply.
Grow your experience of different types of working environments and organisations, expose yourself to new challenges and gain the confidence that comes with tackling something new all the while knowing you are giving back using your professional skills and knowledge. 

Many of our volunteers go on to get further involved with the charity causes they take on a project with. There’s really no limit to what can be achieved as a CITA volunteer.

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