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Charity Terms and Conditions
We ask that every charity reads and accepts this agreement. By registering as a charity, you understand that;

By registering with CITA as a charity, you will gain access to a number of benefits including:

  • Access to a pool of independent, professional IT staff who will work with you to help you harness the full potential of technology to meet your aims.

  • Access to a range of technology services and solutions from our partners to support the charity sector

  • As a charity you will understand that funding, particularly for smaller charities, is often the most challenging part of fulfilling your aims. Whilst CITA tries to cover its modest running costs through funding from partners, grants and other sources, we also ask that charities contribute towards the administrative costs of providing the services required.

  • The volunteers registered with CITA provide their services on a pro bono basis, i.e. free of charge.


The donation fee is only charged to charities with an annual income in excess of £50,000, and is based on the service required. This is summarised below:


Charities with Income under £50k

CITA Review - Free

CITA Advisory - Free

CITA Delivery - Free

Charities with an Income Over £50k

CITA Review - £150

CITA Advisory - £200

CITA Delivery - £250


CITA does have access to discretionary funding and can award ‘bursaries’ to part fund the administration fee where circumstances are appropriate. Please email us at for further information.


CITA will never turn away a charity that is unable to afford a contribution towards our administrative costs.


It is important to emphasise the following:

  •  You are not charged for registering as a member of CITA.

  •  The administration fee is only invoiced when a CITA service request is advertised to our volunteers.

  •  The administration fee is a one- off fee for a requested CITA service, provided through by a volunteer (an ‘assignment’). It is not payable on a per volunteer, per meeting or per day basis. 

  • The administration fee is solely to cover CITA’s administration costs to matching your assignment to a volunteer. The volunteers registered with CITA provide their services on a pro bono basis, i.e. free of charge.

  • When a volunteer selects your engagement, you are responsible for reviewing the information provided about them and deciding if their experience is relevant to your needs. If you think that the volunteer is unsuitable then please notify us, and the assignment will be re-advertised.

  • In the unlikely event that we are unable to successfully match you with a volunteer, then we will issue a refund for any administration fees already paid.

  • Once you have approved a volunteer, it is your responsibility to communicate with that volunteer during the course of the assignment. If, during the course of the assignment, the volunteer proves unsatisfactory for any reason, then CITA will re-advertise the assignment but will not refund the administration fee. For avoidance of doubt, you will not incur any further charges if you do find your first volunteer to be unsatisfactory.

  • At the end of each assignment, charities are asked to sign off on the completed work by providing feedback and comments.

  • CITA monitors the quality of all assignments by encouraging charities and volunteers to provide feedback during and at the end of each assignment. Our charity satisfaction rating is currently 94%.


As a Charity you have access and visibility of the Volunteers Charter, some important parts of the charter to note;

  • Volunteers will engage with the Charity in a spirit of exploration. A placement works well if it's a good fit for everyone and both parties can only find this out by discussion. An application for a project by a volunteer does not imply commitment, and it's always OK for either party to decide not to proceed.

  • Volunteers will reply quickly and politely to all communications from the Charity you are volunteering for and will never leave them unclear about your intentions.

  • It is acceptable for a volunteer to use work email addresses and communication technology (online meetings etc.) to contact and communicate with charities, this in no way implies you are acting as a representative or on behalf of your employer.

  • Volunteers, or companies from which you receive direct benefit, or in they have a personal interest, will not be introduced for commercial purposes to the Charity clients of CITA. You will immediately disclose to the Charity client if you have any actual or potential conflict of interest.

  • Volunteers if they mention any technology or pricing, you must ensure that the Charity is aware that this is not a recommendation but merely market intelligence that you are sharing. You must ensure that they are aware of the need to conduct their own due diligence in any supplier selection process.

  • Volunteers will only use CITA for voluntary activity and not as a way of finding paid work.

  • Volunteers agree to provide advice and guidance to CITA's Charity clients to the best of your ability. CITA contracts with its Charity clients on the basis that volunteers will have no personal liability for the advice or guidance given. However, this exclusion from liability will not apply should you do anything fraudulently, deliberately or in bad faith which causes or may cause the Charity, their supporters or beneficiaries any harm or damages their goodwill.

  • It is acknowledged by both the Client and the volunteer that either party is free to terminate any engagement simply upon notice given in writing or via e-mail at any time. Such notice can be effective immediately and no justifying reasons need be given.

  • The Charity must book an appointment within 10 days of you first contacting them. If they do not, then please inform the CITA Admin ( who can chase up on your behalf. Charities using the CITA service sign up to an obligation for professional communication and appointment management.



The information which you provide will be used for the following purposes: to enable CITA to create an electronic record of your application; to enable the application to be processed; to enable charities to assess offers from volunteers to support them in their requested engagement and to enable the CITA administrator to support the volunteering process and assess and improve services. The information will be kept securely and will be shared with charities when a volunteer has signed up to a particular engagement request. Details of use, retention periods and lawful basis for processing are outlined in CITA's Privacy Policy available here.

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