How we support charities

CITA’s vision is a world in which charities can harness the full potential of technology.

We help to achieve this by providing charities with access to affordable and trustworthy technology services to help them achieve their strategic mission.

Over the last 5 years we have worked with over 700 charities, of all sizes, and have delivered over 2,000 days of consultancy services that typically fall into 3 areas:

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COVID-19 Statement

For volunteers and charities – It is important that, whilst preparing for or during an assignment, both volunteers and charities rigorously adhere to current government guidelines and restrictions designed to limit the spread of the virus.

These can be found here:

Where an assignment cannot be carried out safely according to these guidelines and restrictions then it should be delayed until such time that it can. Both volunteers and charities must each feel comfortable that adequate measures for their safety have been put in place before any assignment should proceed.

CITA cannot be held liable for the consequences of any failure, either by a charity or by a volunteer, to follow safe practice as required by any government guidelines or restrictions in force at the time of the assignment.

Further information:

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Funding & Charging

CITA is funded through the generosity of our partners, supporters and individual donors, and by asking charities that we support to contribute towards our administration costs where they are able. Many charities can find a contribution from money saved, either by following through on volunteer recommendations or by associating a value to the expertise received.

CITA will never turn away a charity that is unable to afford a contribution towards our administrative costs

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